Guardianship Advocacy

Developmentally Disabled Adults can get the assistance & protection they need,
without being adjudicated incapacitated.

Services-Guardianship-AdvocacySometimes there are no alternatives but to have the Court appoint a legal guardian for the protection of an incapacitated adult person.

If you are facing this difficult situation, our office can help.

Additionally, Florida law requires that a legal guardian of property be appointed for a minor child who is receiving funds from an inheritance or settlement, when the gross amount exceeds $25,000. We work with Civil attorneys to ensure that your child’s settlement is protected.

For developmentally disabled individuals, Florida law allows for the appointment of a guardian advocate to assist them in certain areas of their lives, without a formal adjudication of incapacity. The Hook Law Group has the experience necessary to assist you in all facets of Florida Guardianship Law.